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Haven 22 - 14 Hunslet FT.

Haven 22 - 14 Hunslet FT
2nd June 2013

Att: 670
Whitehaven;Tries, McAvoy, Parker, Fleming, Newton,
Goals: Southernwood (3),

Haven squad Neil Thorman, Chris Fleming,Scott McAvoy,Jessie Joe
Parker,Craig Calvert,Jamie Rooney,Cain Southernwood,Jordan Hand,James
Newton.Paul Jackson,Lee Doran,Rhys Clarke,Lee Patterson:Carl Sice,Paul
Cullnean,David Houghton,Brad Crellin.

Hunslet; Tries, Coyle, Hood, Welham,
Goals: Ansell,
Hunslet squad
Jim Watson,Lee Mapals,Lee Brickwood,Liam Welham,Waine Pryce,Thomas
Coyle,Danny Ansell,Andrew Yates,Liam Hood,Michael Haley,James
Houston,Tommy Haughey, David March:Callum Windley,Luke Menzies,Richard
Moore,Mitch Achurch

Haven 30-18 Barrow
May 26 2013
Haven: Swift, Fleming, McAvoy, Parker, Cameron, Rooney, Southernwood, Hand, Newton, Jackson, Doran, Clarke, Paterson. Subs: Sice, Cullnean, Crellin, Greenwood.

Tries: Swift, McAvoy, Cullnean, Rooney, Cameron, Crellin.

Goals: Rooney 3.

Raiders: Campbell, Backhouse, McGilvary, Wiper, Clay, Haggerty, Casey, Dawson, Mossop, Brennan, Harrison, Toal, Jones. Subs: Dandy, Haggarty, Marwood, McGoff.

Tries: Clay 2, Jones.

Goals: Haggerty 3.

Skolars 16...Haven 62

London Skolars: A Anthony, Morgan, McNamara, Price, Paxton, McLean, Skee, Purslow, Simons, Sykes, Clement-Pascall, Worrincy, Roche; Subs: Williams,Chapman, Robinson, Bishay
Tries: Price (56), Paxton (64), Clement-Pascall (76); Goals: Skee 2/3

Whitehaven: Thorman, Fleming, Crellin, Parker, Cameron, Rooney, Southernwood, Pora. Newton, Houghton, Clark, Clough, Paterson; subs: Sice, Culnean, Hand, Forster Tries: Parker (13, 52, 61), Pora (17), Houghton (22), Southernwood (26), Fleming (32, 35), Cullnean (40), Forster (70), Newton (79); Goals: Rooney 9/11

Swinton 30..Haven 24.Tries McAvoy.Cameron,Parker(2)) Rooney 4 goals.

Haven 24 Doncaster 14
April 28
Haven:Chris Fleming,Craig Calvert,Jessie Joe Parker,Scott McAvoy,James Cameron,Jamie Rooney, Cain Southernwood,David Houghton,James Newton,Paul Jackson,Lee Doran,Rhys Clarke, Lee Patterson ;Neil Thorman,Jordan Hand,Paul Cullnean,Danny Barker.
Dons squad: Micheal Butterfield,Stewart Sanderson,Danny Cowling,Lee Waterman,Dennis Tuffour,Paul Cooke,Craig Fawcett,Alex Walker,Kyle Kesik,Adam Scott,Michael Kelly,Chris Spurr,Kyle Trout, Grant Edwards, Craig Robinson,Matt Carbutt,Liam Kay

Thrills and Spills

Cameron touchdown

Haven 12-Town 16
Whitehaven: Thorman, Calvert, Parker, McAvoy, Cameron, Rooney, Southernwood, Houghton, Newton, Jackson, Doran, Clarke, Paterson. Subs: Sice, Cullnean, Martins, Pora.
Tries: Cameron, Parker; Goals: Rooney 2

Workington Town: Carter, Miller, Morris, Connor, Mossop, Lupton, Forber, Dowes, C Phillips, Coward, Shackley, Stack, Olstrum. Subs: Mattinson, Coyles, Acton, Thackray. Tries: Carter, Phillips; Goals: Forber 3, Carter 1 Attendance: 1,320

Just too Late

Haven 12-Town 16..Sunday 21st April 2013

Whitehaven: Thorman, Calvert, Parker, McAvoy, Cameron, Rooney, Southernwood, Houghton, Newton, Jackson, Doran, Clarke, Paterson. Subs: Sice, Cullnean, Martins, Pora.

Tries: Cameron, Parker; Goals: Rooney 2

Workington Town: Carter, Miller, Morris, Connor, Mossop, Lupton, Forber, Dowes, C Phillips, Coward, Shackley, Stack, Olstrum. Subs: Mattinson, Coyles, Acton, Thackray.

Tries: Carter, Phillips; Goals: Forber 3, Carter 1

Attendance: 1,320

Bulldogs 30 Haven 16

Whitehaven squad: Thorman, Cameron, Crellin, Parker, Calvert, Rooney, Southernwood, Jackson, Newton, Cullnean, Doran, Clark, Paterson. Subs: Martins, Houghton, Sice, Pora

Tries: Cameron, Doran, Rooney; Goals: Rooney 2

Bulldogs squad: Greenwood, Johnson, Walton, Faal, Campbell, Black, Hemingway, Smith, Mennel, Mullally, Bretherton, Lindsay, Davies. Subs: Moore, Rowe, Hirst, Fairbank

Tries: Walton 2, Johnson, Hirst, Greenwood; Goals: Hemingway 2, Moore 3

Through to the Fourth Round, bring on Town

April 7 2013
Haven 38 ...Skolars 32
Tries; Palmer, Parker (4), Houghton and Southerwood. Kicker Southernwood(5)
Squad:Paul Cullnean,Matty Palmer, Danny Barker, Lee Doran, Neil Thorman,James Cameron, Scott McAvoy, Jessie Joe Parker, Chris Fleming, James Newton, Rodney Pora, Cain Southernwood, Lee Patterson, Sebastian Martins,David Houghton, Martyn Wison, Jamie Rooney.
Tries; McLean, Adebisi(2) Purslow, Junor and Skee. Kicker Skee(4)
John Paxton, Smokie Junor, Oliver Purslow, Andy McLean, Jack Dillon, Martyn Smith, Alex Anthony, Oliver Bloom,ChrisMcNamara,Dave Williams, Dylan Skee, Ade Adebisi, Michael Worrincy,Louis Robinson, Evan Simons, Daniel Burke, Robert Thomas.

April 1 2013
Whitehaven 30- 16 Sheffield

Haven:Neil Thorman, James Cameron, Scott McAvoy, Jessie Joe Parker, Craig Calvert, Lee Patterson, Cain Southernwood, Sebastian Martins, James Newton, Paul Cullnean, Danny Barker, Rhys Clarke, Brad Crellin, Carl Sice, David Houghton, Paul Jackson and Lee Doran.
Tries Calvert,Patterson, McAvoy, Thorman, Cameron. Goals from Southernwood.
Sheffield: Quentin Laulu-Togagae, Nev Morrison, Scott Turner,Menzie Yere,Misi Taulapapa,Pat Walker, Dominic Brambani,Jack Howieson,Andrew Henderson, Mitch Stringer, Michael Knowles, Dane Straugher,Alex Szostak,Pat Smith, Matt Garside, Joe Hirst and Ben Gledhill.
Steeler tries: Stringer and Yere . Goals Brambani.

Haven 12 Halifax 22
March 24 2013

Haven: Brad Crellin, Lee Doran, Paul Jackson, Neil Thorman, Craig Calvert, Jessie Joe Parker, Scott McAvoy, James Cameron, James Newton, David Houghton, Lee Patterson, Jamie Rooney, Rhys Clarke, Rodney Pora, Shane Ackerley, Sebastian Martins. Tries: Martins, McAvoy.Goals kicked Rooney.

Halifax: Ross Divorty, Callum Casey, Dane Manning, Andy Bracek, Rikki Sheriffe, Robert Worrincy, Ben Heaton, Anthony Bowman, Lee Patterson, Anthony Thackeray, Tony Tonks, Scott Murrell, Paul Handforth, Adam Robinson, Sam Barlow, Craig Ashall, Steve Tyrer. Fax tries from: Barlos, Heaton, Manning and Thackeray. Goal kicker Patterson.

Barrow 20 Haven 30
March 17 2013

Tries McAvoy,Doran,Calvert,Parker,Newton(2)

Sice celebs 200th game, but Haven outgunned again

Haven 18 (12-22) Featherstone 45
Haven: tries Doran and Houghton.Goals Rooney.
Neil Thorman, Craig Calvert, Jessie Joe Parker, ScottMcAvoy, Chris Fleming, Jamie Rooney,Cain Southernwood, Sebastien Martins, James Newton, Paul Jackson, Lee Doran, Rhys Clarke, Lee Patterson,Carl Sice, David Houghton, Paul Cullnean and Matty Palmer.
Featherstone: Tries Saxton, Finn, Hardman(2), Kain, Briggs, Worthington, James,
Goals: Finn.
Squad: Jonny Hepworth, Tommy Saxton, Ian Hardman, Greg Worthington, Tom Hodson, Andy Kain, L:iam Finn, Matt James, Andy Ellis, Steve Crossley, James Lockwood, Matty Dale, Kyle Briggs, Ben Kaye, Andrew Bostock, Anthony England and Lamont Bryan.

Rams Rampant
Dewsbury 46...Haven 8
Haven tries Calvert and Patterson
Sunday February 24

Whitehaven:Paul Cullnean,Rhys Clarke, Lee Patterson, Lee Doran, Neil Thorman, Chris Fleming, Scott McAvoy, Jessie Joe Parker, Craig Calvert, James Newton, Paul Jackson, Cain Southwood, Jamie Rooney,David Houghton, Carl Sice, James Cameron and Sebastien Martins.

Rams tries:Hale,Scott,Walshaw(2), Spice, Coleman, Brown and Morton.
Dewsbury:Lucas Walshaw, Robert Spice, Tommy Gallagher, Ryan Hepworth, James Craven, Dale Morton, Karl Pryce, Scott Hale, Greg Scott, Ryan Wright, Tom Lillycrop,Jy-Mel Coleman, Aaron Brown,Stephen Nash, Jobe Murphy, Adam O'Brien and Makali Aizue.

McNally couldn't resist a try against his old Marras!
In the Valentine's Day meeting visiting Leigh, assisted by Gregg McNally came away winners 14-28.Haven tries Calvert (2) and J.Joe.

Season Started on Positive Note

Keighley Cougars 12 Whitehaven 16
February 10 2013
Whitehaven: Thorman, Fleming, McAvoy, Parker, Gardner, Rooney, Southernwood, Jackson, Newton, Martins, Clarke, Wilson, Paterson. Subs: Sice, Houghton, Cameron, Walker. Haven Tries: Paterson, Southernwood, Thorman; Goals: Rooney 2

Keighley Cougars: White, Barnett, Lawton, Williams, Duffy, March, Leatherbarrow, Hesketh, Feather, Shickell, Chandler, Martin, Sagar. Subs: Emmit, Smith, Law, Shepherd. Tries for Cougars; Smith, Feather; Goals: Leatherbarrow 2

Referee: George Stokes. Attendance: 712

Haven 32-22 York
February 3 2013
Tries from Jackson, Calvert, Parker, Cullnean, Fleming,Goals: Rooney (6). York try scorers:Ford, Lee, Linham (2), Goals: Brown (3)

Haven Prop Cleared for UK

Season ends in Sixth spot
.Haven 40 - Rochdale 12.FT . Sunday Sept 9.
Haven: Palfrey, Calvert, Wiper, Parker, Hamzat, Rooney, Rudd, Houghton, Hemingway, Cullnean, Crellin, Beattie, Doran. Subs: Sice, Isakka, Varkulis, Haggerty.

Tries: Parker 2, Rudd, Doran, Wiper, Palfrey, Cullnean, Rooney

Goals: Rudd 2, Rooney 1, Beattie 1

Hornets: English, West, Stewart, Donaghue, Taylor, Crook, Roper, Newton, Brown, Cookson, Baines, Jones-Lake, Bowman. Subs: Chadwick, Bannister, Price, Unsworth.

Tries: Roper, Stewart

Goals: Crook 2

Haven 60....Gateshead 12, 41-26 defeat against Skolars then an impressive 58-20 home win over North Wales Crusaders to conclude the league campaign

Player Power?...Don has Gone

Thursday, 30 August 2012

News & Star Report - Whitehaven coach Don Gailer parts company with club
Don Gailer was last night relieved of his coaching duties at Whitehaven with immediate effect while on a short family break in Paris. A new contract offer, made to Gailer two weeks ago - the day after securing promotion in his first season in charge - was also withdrawn in a phone call from chairman Ralph Calvin.

This year's Presentation night will take place on Friday 12th October at the Marchon Club tickets are £10 and are available from the club office.


Close Vote on Merger?

Poll results in Whitehaven News August 2012....

Help for Heroes Try Fest

Whitehaven RLFC Help for Heroes game 12th August 2012
Whitehaven won 60-12 with tries from Calvert (3), Varkulis (2) Rudd, Parker (2) Hemingway, Cullnean and Doran.

Haven 25..Dons 18
August 5 2012
Haven tries by Sice (2) Parker and Varkulis

Haven 31...Rochdale 12
Tries by Rooney, Lewis Palfrey, Craig Calvert, Jessie Joe Parker and Loz Hamzat

World Cup 2013 Diary Dates

1. Sat 26 October Millennium Stadium, Cardiff Aust v England Group A
2. Sat 26 October Millennium Stadium, Cardiff Wales v Italy Group C/D
3. Sun 27 October Craven Parkl Papua New Guinea v France Group B
4. Sun 27 October Halliwell Jones Stadium, NZ v Samoa Group B
5. Mon 28 October Spotland Stadium, Rochdale Fiji v Ireland Group A
6. Tues 29 October Derwent Park, Workington Tonga v Scotland Group C
7. Wed 30 October Memorial Stadium, Bristol USA v Cook Is Group D

Group Games - Round Two
8. Friday 1 November Parc des Sports, Avignon New Zealand v France Group B
9. Saturday 2 November Galpharm Stadium, England v Ireland Group A
10. Saturday 2 November Langtree Park, St Helens Australia v Fiji Group A
11. Sunday 3 November Glyndwr University RS, Wrexham Wales v USA Group D
12. Sunday 3 November Derwent Park, Workington Scotland v Italy Group C
13. Monday 4 November MS3 Craven Park Hull PNG v Samoa Group B
14. Tuesday 5 November Leigh Sports Village Tonga v Cook Islands Group C/D

Group Games - Round Three
15. Thurs 7th Nov Salford City Stadium Scotland v USA Group C/D
16. Fri 8 Nov Headingley Leeds NZ v Papua New Guinea Group B
17. Saturday 9 November KC Stadium, Hull England v Fiji Group A
18. Sat 9 Nov Thomand Park, Limerick Australia v Ireland Group A
19. Sun 10 Nov The Gnoll, Neath Wales v Cook Islands Group D
20. Sun 10 Nov The Shay, Halifax Tonga v Italy Group C
21. Mon 11 Nov Gilbert Brutus, Perpignan France v Samoa Group B

Quarter Finals
22. Friday 15 November Headingley Carnegie, Leeds Winner B v Winner C QF1
23. Saturday 16 November Glyndwr Uni, Wrexham Winner A v Winner D QF2
24. Saturday 16 November DW Stadium, Wigan Runner Up A v 3rd Place B QF3
25. Sunday 17 November Halliwell Jones Stadium Runner Up B v 3rd Place A QF4
Semi Finals
26. Saturday 23 November Wembley, London Winner Q/F 2 v Winner Q/F 4 SF1
27. Saturday 23 November Wembley, London Winner Q/F 1 v Winner Q/F 3 SF2

RLWC Final
Saturday 30 November Old Trafford, Manchester Winner S/F 1 v Winner S/F 2 - Old Trafford will stage the final of the 2013 Rugby League World Cup.

Barrow Raiders 48 (18-6) Whitehaven 16
July 20 2012
Whitehaven: Bauer, Calvert, Fox, Parker, Wiper, Rooney, Rudd, Houghton, Sice, Cullnean, Beattie, Doran, Hemingway. Subs: Gee, Isakka, Varkulis, Wilson.
Tries: Hemingway, Calvert, Rooney; Goals: Rudd 1, Rooney 1

Barrow: Ballard, Haney, Larkin, Shaw, Nixon, Kaighan, Campbell, Brennan, Dandy, Butler, Harrison, Bracek, Toal. Subs: Finch, Ostler, Duffy, Dawson.
Tries: Bracek, Campbell, Haney, Nixon, Ballard, Harrison, Butler, Finch; Goals: Shaw 8

Attendance: 1,710

Whitehaven 42 Oldham 20
July 1 2012
Tries: Calvert 3, Wiper, Parker, Houghton, Beattie; Goals: Rudd 5, Rooney 2
Whitehaven squad: Bauer, Calvert, Parker, Fox, Wiper, Rooney, Rudd, Houghton, Sice, Cullnean, Beattie, Mullally, Doran. Subs: Gee, Isakka, Varkulis, Wilson.

Oldham: Greenwood, Foxen, Cookson, McCully, Gillam, Roden, Dallimore, Boults, Clough, Gilchrist, Noone, P Smith, Bentley. Subs: Ward, Thompson, Ellison, D Smith.
Tries: McCully, Thompson, Dallimore, Ward; Goals: Dallimore 2

Town 30...Haven 28.full time score
Haven 34...South Wales Scorpions 18
Haven 28...Barrow 42

May 20...Oldham 16...Haven 26 ; tries Wiper, Calvert, Gee, Houghton

May 13 2012...Celtic Crusaders 10...Whitehaven 17..tries from Calvert, Sice and Doran

Nil Pointe...
Even with ex-Osprey Pitman, Scorpions fail to score...
South Wales 0 - Haven 34
Tries McAvoy, Sice (3) and Gee (2) Goals from Karalius

Welcome Aboard

Jesse Joe Parker at arrivals...
Jesse Joe joins Haven...help couldn't come soon enough!....

SL Salford take 4th round tie

4th Round 18 Whitehaven v 58 Salford
April 15 2012
Haven tries: Gee, Varkulia and Houghton/Rudd goals (3).
Squad: Mal Wiper, Jessie Jow Parker, Loz Hamzat, Shane Ackerley, Craig Calvert, Scott McAvoy, Carl Rudd, David Houghton, Sam Gee, Lee Doran, Isakka, Brad Crellin, Andrew Beattie; Richard Varkulis, Paul Cullnean, Howard Hill, Carl Sice.

Salford tries: Nero,Sneyd (2), Moon (2), Adamson, Williams, Veivers, Smith, Ashurst. Goals kicked by Sneyd (9)
Squad: Josh Veivers,Ashley Gibson, Joel Moon, Danny Williams, Sean Gleeson, Chris Nero, Matty Smith, Marc Sneyd, Adam Neal, Iafeta Paleaas, Wayne Godwin, Adam Sidlow, Luke Adamson;Lee Jewitt, Matty Ashurst, Jordan James and Stuart Howarth.

Not so Good Friday
Town 30 Haven 12
Whitehaven: Youds, Calvert, Wilson, McAvoy, Wiper, Rudd, Karalius, Houghton, Smith, Hill, Isakka, Doran, Beattie. Subs: Parker, Varkulis, Cullnean, Haggerty.

Tries: Calvert, Wilson; Goals: Rudd 2

Workington Town: Carter, Miller, Mossop, Rooney, S Dawes, Bainbridge, Forber, MacDonald, Mattinson, Coward, Phillips, Shackley, Olstrum. Subs: Stack, Whitehead, Thackray, Robinson.

Tries: Mossop, Miller, Stack, Phillips; Goals: Forber 6, MacDonald

Attendance: 1,529

Referee: Matt Thomason




Gateshead 18...Haven 30 (April 1 2012)
Tries from Karalius,
Wiper, Calvert (2), Varkulis and Bauer. Goals: Rudd 3

Whitehaven: Bauer, Calvert, Fox, McAvoy, Wiper, Rudd, Karalius, Houghton, Sice, Hill, Haggerty, Doran, Beattie. Subs: Smith, Isakka, Cullnean, Varkulis

Gateshead Thunder: Peers, Thackeray, Mitchell, Neilson, Brown, Walsh, Stamp, Welton, Hodgson, Weller, Barron, Payne, Steen. Subs: Clarke, Stoker, Cakacaka, Parker

Gateshead Tries: Peers, Mitchell, Clarke; Goals: Stamp 2, Clarke 1

Challenge Cup
Whitehaven 52 Hunslet 6
..Tries: Fox(3), Calvert, Rudd, Bauer, McAvoy, Isakka and Varkulis. Rudd kicked 8 goals.

League Latest

March 18 2012
Whitehaven 30 Rochdale 10
Tries: Calvert 2, Bauer, McAvoy 2; Goals: Rudd 5

Whitehaven: Bauer, Calvert, Fox, McAvoy, Wiper, Rudd, Karalius, Houghton, Sice, Hill, Isakka, Doran, Beattie. Subs: Smith, Varkulis, Barker, Cullnean.

Tries: Calvert 2, Bauer, McAvoy 2; Goals: Rudd 5

Rochdale: O’Connor, Bloomfield, Davies, Bannister, English, Crook, Roper, Hobson, McDermott, Cookson, Middlehurst, Baines, Donoghue. Subs: Wood, Bowman, Lucas, Newton.

Tries: Newton, Bloomfield; Goals: Baines 1

March 11 2012
Doncaster 48- Haven 16
Tries from Crellin, Bauer and Rudd. Haven
Squad ..Ackerley, Wilson, Wiper, Bauer, Rudd, Karalius, Houghton, Smith, Varkulis, Fox, Isakka, Beattie, Crellin: Sice, Haggerty, Cullnean, Bewsher

Haven 10...Barrow 18 (full time)

Haven tries: Hamzat and Gee. Rudd kicked one goal.
Barrow tries from Toal (2)Harrison and Backhouse. Kaighan kicked the goal.
Haven:M.Wilson, M.Wiper, L.Hamzat, S.Ackerley, C.Calvert, R.Valkulis, C.Rudd, S.Cunningham, M.Haggerty, C.Sice, S. Gee, D.Barker, A. Beattie; P.Culnean, M.O'Neil, A.Bauer, S.Fox.
Barrow: A.Ballard, B.Pugh, R.McGoff, A.Litherland, D.Toal, L.Haney, M.Backhouse, L.Harrison, J. Finch, A. Bracek, L.Finch, S.Kaighan, L.Campbell; B.Marwood, A.Venter, J. Gordon , L.Dutton.

Town win another Derby Encounter
Town 44- Haven 16
February 26 2012
Workington Town: Miller, Dawes, Mossop, Rooney, Olstrum, Carter, Forber, MacDonald, Mattinson, Coward, Whitehead, Phillips, Robinson. Subs: King, Shackley, Tunstall, Thackray.

Tries: Forber, Rooney, Miller, Carter, Thackray (2), Phillips, Shackley; Goals: Forber

Whitehaven: Youds, Fleming, Bauer, Wiper, Calvert, Rudd, Karalius, Houghton, Smith, Varkulis, Doran, Isakka, Crellin. Subs: Sice, George, Bewsher, Cullnean.

Tries: Fleming, Bauer, Sice; Goals: Rudd and George

New South Pacific Signings....
Thousand Haven Points from Rudd's Boot
Whitehaven 44 -Gateshead 18
Tries Calvert (3), McAvoy, Smith, Fleming, Varkulis and Bauer. Rudd kicked six goals
Thunder tries from Waller , Williams and Welton.

Haven: Johnny Youds, Chris Fleming, Craig Calvert, Richard Varkulis, Scott McAvoy, Andreas Bauer, Carl Rudd, Ben Karalus, David Houghton, Chris Smith, Lee Doran, Isakka, Brad Vrellin; Mal Wiper, Scott George, Paul Cullnean, Peter Bewsher. Gateshead: Jason Payne, Ashley Williams, Ashley Thackery, Sam Walsh, Josh Neilson, Olyy O'Mara, Will Bate, Tom Hodgson, Ryan Clarke, Robin Peers, Mi8ke Mitchell, Brett Waller,Matt Barron; Ryan McBride, Josh Taylor, Stephen Welton and Joe Brown.

WHITEHAVEN’S away game at Hunslet
February 15 2012
Hunslet Hawks 34 Whitehaven 18
Hunslet Hawks: Danny Ratcliffe; Stuart Kain, Lee Brickwood, Josh Nathaniel, Dennis Tuffour; Luke Herriwell, Danny Allen; Andy Yates, Luke Haigh, Steve Lewis; Richard Blakeway, John Oakes, David March. Subs: Joe McLocklan, David Tootill, Steve Dooler, Ryan Benjafield.

Tries: Nathaniel, March, Ratcliffe 2, Lewis, Oakes; Goals: Ratcliffe 5

Whitehaven: Jonathan Youds; Craig Calvert, Max Wiper, Scott McAvoy, Chris Fleming; Carl Rudd, Ben Karalius; Dave Houghton, Sam Gee, Richard Varkulis, Luke Isakka, Lee Doran, Brad Crellin. Subs: Chris Smith, Andreas Bauer, Paul Cullnean, Andrew Beattie.

Tries: Fleming, Houghton, Calvert; Goals: Rudd 3.

Referee: Dave Merrick (Selby)

Attendance: 305

New Coach...New Purpose

Whitehaven 34 (12-32) Leeds Rhinos 32
Carl Rudd was on form watched by a modest crowd of 855.
Whitehaven: Youds, Hamzat, McAvoy, Bauer, Fleming, Rudd, Karalius, Houghton, Gee, Isakka, Barker, Doran, Beattie. Subs: Sice, Haggerty, Crellin, Wiper, O’Neill, Smith.

Tries: Fleming, McAvoy, Hamzat, Wiper, Crellin, Bauer; Goals: Rudd 5

Leeds Rhinos: Watson, Jones-Bishop, Pring, Normington, Duckworth, Ward, Olds, Ambler, Casey, Smith, Stott, Pitts, Singleton. Subs: Quinlan, Syron, Bravo, Nicholson, Leary.

Tries: Duckworth 2, Nicholson, Ward, Normington, Bravo; Goals: Casey 3, Olds 1

Haven Coach Mixes and Matches Squads...
Haven 22 (16-6) Oldham 22 (January 22 2012)

The first half squad list was: Benson, Ackerley, Wiper, McAvoy, Calvert, George, Rudd, Cullnean, Sice, Haggerty, Isakka, Barker, Cunningham. Subs: Smith, Houghton, Hill, Beattie. Subs: Smith, Houghton, Hill, Beattie.

Second-half: O’Neill, Fleming, Youds, Wilson, Hamzat, Bauer, Karalius, Houghton, Gee, Hill, Beattie, Doran, Crellin. Subs: Smith, Isakka, Haggerty, Cullnean, Rudd, McAvoy.Tries: Barker, Fleming, O’Neill, Hamzat. Goals: Rudd 2, Youds 1

Oldham: Greenwood, Robinson, Fogarty, Cookson, Gillam, Reid, Dallimore, Stenchion, Clough, Boults, Clarke, Rigby, Thompson. Subs: Ellison, Smith, Whitemore, Rigby, Bentley, McCully, Lantree.

Tries: Clough, Gillam, Bentley, Dallimore

Goals: Dallimore 3

Referee: J Cobb

Attendance: 402

Town 26- Haven 18
Sunday,January 15
at Derwent Park

New away strip, just google ONeills for options
Shirts will be priced at £45 Adult and £35 children. The shirt also comes with a free O' Neills draw string bag

Welcome Aboard Don
Also see new Coach Don on Border TV
Barrow relegation....and final shape of Third Division

Whitehaven and Workington Town will compete in a 10-team Championship One next season.

The RFL has finalised the structure of the Championships for 2012 following the demotion of Barrow Raiders to the third tier. Subject to their business plan being ratified at the Championships clubs’ meeting this week Wrexham-based Crusaders RL will be accepted in to Championship One next season but will not play in the Northern Rail Cup. In addition to the three Cumbrian clubs, Rochdale Hornets, Doncaster, Oldham, South Wales Scorpions, London Skolars, Gateshead Thunder and Crusaders RL will compete in the third tier.

Read details of the Barrow relegation over payments to players.....

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Great Games
from the Early Years

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