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Welcome Aboard Don in 2011

Barrow relegation....and final shape of Third Division

Whitehaven and Workington Town will compete in a 10-team Championship One next season.

The RFL has finalised the structure of the Championships for 2012 following the demotion of Barrow Raiders to the third tier. Subject to their business plan being ratified at the Championships clubs’ meeting this week Wrexham-based Crusaders RL will be accepted in to Championship One next season but will not play in the Northern Rail Cup. In addition to the three Cumbrian clubs, Rochdale Hornets, Doncaster, Oldham, South Wales Scorpions, London Skolars, Gateshead Thunder and Crusaders RL will compete in the third tier.

Barrow suffered relegation over payments to players.....

Haven 40...Town 18 in Spence Miller Testimonial Sunday Nov 13th 2011

Doncaster 34- Haven 16...David Seeds stands down after the result....

Keighley 28...Haven 20 ....
Tries Calvert, McAvoy and Wilton. Goals (4) Rudd.
Haven: Craig Benson,Kurt Wilton,Andrew Beattie, Paul King, Isakka,Andreas Bauer,Craig Calvert,Scott McAvoy, Carl Rudd,Carl Sice,Lee Doran, Howard Hill, Chris Gerrard, Matthew Haggerty, Chris Smith, Spencer Miller, Richard Farrer.
Keighley: Scott Law,Andrew Shickell,Ben Sagar,Jake Normington,Danny Lawton, Jy-Mel Coleman,Ollie PUrsglove,Chris Baines, James Feather, Dave Halley, Craig Moss, Jason Demetriou, Will Cartledge,Jaermaine Wray,Brendan Rawlins, Ryan Benjafield,Richard Jones.

Read of Rob Purdham's return to Cumbria

Haven 42....Swinton 16
Tries Sice (2),McAvoy, Benson,Miller, Smith and Calvert
Haven: Benson, Bauer, Wiper, McAvoy, Calvert, C Smith, Rudd, Hill, Sice, King, Doran, Isakka, Beattie. Subs: Dalton, Farrer, Cullnean, S Miller.
Lions: R Hawkyard, Foxen, Dodd, Reay, Mort, Ainscough, Ashall, Morrison, Smith, Thompson, D Hawkyard, Rigby, Gorski. Subs: Joseph, Wilson, Fitzpatrick, Gallagher. Swinton Tries: Fitzpatrick, R Hawkyard, Foxen Goals: Mort 2

Doncaster 20 (4-12) Haven 18
(Sunday August 14)

Tries:Doncaster; Coady,Keswik, Fawcett and Morrison. Haven tries from Hamzat(2) and Isakka. Goal kicker (3) Palfrey.
Doncaster: Michael Butterfield,Stewart Sanderson, Carl Hughes, Scott Adams, Mike Coady, Nev Morrison, Craig Robinson, Paul Hughes, Scott Spaven, Liam Crawley,Chris Spurr, Craig Fawcett, Grant Edwards; Dominic Dee,Matt Carbutt,Kyle Keswik,Kyle Sampson.
Haven: Loz Hamzat,Craig Benson,Isakka,Mal Wiper,Lewis Palfrey,Paul Cullnean,Andrew Beattie,Chris Smith,Craig Calvert,Scott McAvoy, Lee Doran,Spencer Miller,Chris Garrard;Paul King,Howard Hill,Richard Farrer,Carl Sice.

Widnes goes for Plastic Pitch...

Sunday July 24...Swinton 44 Haven 0...
Swinton:Richard Flooks, Alex Hurst,Mark Smith, Warren Thompson,Martin Ainscough, Neil Holland, Dale Cunliffe,Rob Foxen,Ian Mort, Gavin Dodd, Ian Watson, Phill Joseph, Andy Gorski,; Karl Ashhall, Darren Hawkyard, Danny Meekin, Dana Wilson.
Haven: Andrew Beattie,Craig Benson,Loz Hamzat,Paul Cullnean,Lewis Palfrey,Isakka,Andreas Bauer, Chris Smith, Craig Calvert, Scott McAvoy, Carl Rudd, Spencer Miller, Lee Doran; Matthew Haggerty, Dexter Miller,Howard Hill, Carl Sice.


Haven 34 (12-6) South Wales 14

Haven tries from Rudd, Miller(2),Sice, Dalton and Hamzat. Rudd kicjked 5 goals. A deliberate trip in his side's 34-14 victory over South Wales earned Whiteaven's Tyrone Dalton a charge by the RFL.
Welsh tries from Clough and Gay.

Haven: Loz Hamzat, Tyrone Dalton, Crasig Benson, Matthew Haggerty, Andrew Beattie, Amdrew Bauer, Chris Smith, Craig Calvert, Scott McAvoy, Carl Rudd, Lee Doran, Spencer Miller, Howard Hill; Paul Cullnean, Isakka, Dexter Miller, Carl Sice.
Crusaders: Steve Parry, Neil Dallimore, Rhodri Lloyd, Chris Clough,Paul Ratsery, Harri Greville, Lewis Reece, Jamie Murphy, Christiaan Roets, Andrew Gay, Curtis Cunningham, Casey Bromilow, Ashley Bateman; Semisi Cocker, Chris Davies, Phil Carlton, Hywel Davies.

Oldhan 40...Haven 20

July 3 2011

Tries for Oldham: Brocklehurst, Robinson, Heaton, Fogarty, Clough and Stenchion. Goal kickers Forber (5) and Fogarty (1).
Oldham:Carl Forber, Shaun Robinson, Matthew Fogerty,
Danny Bravo, Paul Noone, Mark Brocklehurst, Ben Heaton, Mark McCully, Valu Bently, Neil Roden, Luke Stenchion, Jason Boults, Martin Roden;Callum Casey,Dave Ellison, Luke Sutton and John Clough.

Haven tries from Beattie, McAvoy and Wiper (2) Goal kicker Palfrey (2)
Whitehaven :Loz Hamzat, Craig Benson, Lewis Palfrey, Matthew Haggerty, Mal Wiper, Andrew Beattie, Chris Smith, Craig Calvert, Scott McAvoy, Carl Rudd, Lee Doran, Spencer Miller, Howard Hill; Paul Culnean, Isakka, Dexter Miller, Carl Sice.

Squads for the Derby Match
June 26...Haven 22..Town 10

Whitehaven: Loz Hamzat, Craig Benson, Lewis Palfrey, Matthew Haggerty, Mal Wiper, Andrew Beattie, Chris Smith, Craig Calvert, Scott McAvoy, Carl Rudd, Lee Doran, Howard Hill, Spencer Miller; Paul Cullnean,Isakka, Brad Crellin, Carl Sice.
Town: Karl Olstrum, Neil Frazer, Aaron Low, Dave Armitstead, John Patrick, Brett Carter, Stephen Dawes, Darren Holt, Scott Kaighan, Ryan McDonald, Kris Coward, Jack Pedley, Jarrad Slack; Ruairi McGoff, Marc Bainbridge, Michael Whitehead, Joseph McKenna.

Whitehaven Festival Weekend

Karl Connor and Paul Nelson manning the stall for Whitehaven RL at the busy Festival weekend

June 17-19 2011 Links to Festival Info

Ade and the Skolars tackled

June 5 2011 Haven 14 Skolars 12
Tries from Smith, McAvoy Hamzat.
Haven:L Hamzat,A.Beattie, L.Palfrey,M.Haggerty, M.Wiper, A.Bauer, C.Calvert, C.Smith, D>Eilbeck, S.McAvoy, C.Rudd, H.Hill, L. Doran; P.Cullnean,Isaaka,R.Fox, C>Sice.
Skolars:J.Obucho,D.Skee, M.Brown, D.Arnot, A.Small,O.Purslow, S./Murtza,J.M Coleman,J.Coleman,A.Adebisi,A.Aggrey, G.Honor;C.Clement, T.Williams,S.Ball,S.Gee.

That old Sice Magic

May 29 2011
Keighley Cougars 14 (4-12) Whitehaven 18

Whitehaven: Bauer, Hamzat, Wiper, McAvoy, Calvert, Palfrey, Rudd, Hill, Smith, Isakka, Doran, S Miller, Beattie. Subs: Sice, Cullnean, Ford, Wilton.

Tries: Wiper, Cullnean, Sice; Goals: Palfrey 3

Keighley Cougars: Haythornthwaite, Duffy, Lawton, Sagar, Hutchinson, Demetriou, Helliwell, Shickell, Feather, Benjafield, Cartledge, Pursglove, Jones. Subs: Wray, Law, Rawlins, Baines.

Tries: Benjafield, Lawton, Shickell; Goals: Lawton 1

Attendance: 754

Referee: Chris Leatherbarrow

Swinton Game
May 15 2011
Whitehaven 22, Swinton Lions 22
WHITEHAVEN: Eilbeck, Hamzat, Wiper, McAvoy, Calvert, Palfrey, Rudd, Hill, Sice, Isakka, S. Miller, Doran, Beattie. Subs (all used) Dalton, Cullnean, Ford, Wilton.

Referee: George Stokes

Crowd: 917

Gateshead Result
Gateshead 10 Whitehaven 54
Tries from:McAvoy, Miller, Doran (2), Rudd, Calvert, Sice, Smith, Eilbeck and Palfrey.

Gateshead Thunder: Brown, Williams, Stevens, Stoker, Harding, Condron,
Clarke, Staveley, Hodgson, Parker, Love, Kelly, Bate. Subs (all used):
Ward, Morris, Payne, Cakacaka

Tries: Jason Payne, Matthew Harding; Goals: Ryan Clarke (1/2)

Whitehaven: Craig Benson, Loz Hamzat, Derry Eilbeck, Scott McAvoy, Craig
Calvert, Lewis Palfrey, Carl Rudd, Richard Farrer, Carl Sice, Howard Hill,
Spencer Miller, Lee Doran, Andrew Beattie Subs (all used): Chris Smith,
David Ford, Paul Cullnean, Bradd Crellin

Tries: Scott McAvoy, Spencer Miller, Lee Doran 2, Carl Rudd, Craig
Calvert, Carl Sice, Chris Smith, Lewis Palfrey; Goals: Lewis Palfrey

Referee: Mr M.Kidd

Half-time: 0-20

Whitehaven's special fund-raising match in aid of Help for Heroes

The home game against South Wales Scorpions on July 10 will see Haven ditch their traditional look in favour of a specially-commissioned strip in the colours of the charity, which helps wounded British servicemen and women. And over 300 shirts have already been snapped up by generous Haven fans across the globe, keen to lend a hand. The shirt has been sanctioned by the RFL and proceeds from replica sales will go to the charity.

April 25th 2011
Whitehaven 40-24 Oldham

Derby Heat ends in Draw

April 22 2011
Town 30...(12-16.) Haven 30

Man of Match was John Patrick who helped pulled it back for Town.

Squads: Town: Patrick (2) Frazer, Kaighan, Pedley. Goals (5) Holt.
Workington Town: Carter, Low, Mossop, Patrick, Frazer, Holt, Kaighan, Jackson, Mattinson, Coward, Whitehead, Stack, Olstrum. Subs (all used): Pedley, Shackley, MacDonald, Tunstall.

Tries: Patrick 25, 27, Frazer 64, Kaighan 67, Pedley 70; Goals: Holt 5/5.

Whitehaven: Benson, Fleming, Wiper, McAvoy, Calvert, Palfrey, Dalton, Cullnean, Smith, Isakka, S Miller, Doran, Beattie. Subs (all used): Sice, Hill, Ford, D Miller.

Tries: Benson 4, Dalton 10, Fleming 16, Doran 43, Wiper 52, Cullnean 75; Goals: Palfrey 3/6.

Referee: Chris Leatherbarrow; Attendance: 1,592.

Haven 26 - Doncaster 16

Tries for Haven; Smith, Cullnean, Palfrey, Dalton. Goals Palfrey 5.
Dons: Tries from Keswik(2) and Steen. Goals (2) by Spaven.
Haven: Tyrone Dalton, Craig Benson, Lewis Palfrey, Chris Fleming, Mal Wiper, Paul Cullnean, Andrew Beattie, Craig Calvert, Chris Smith, Derry Eilbeck, Howard Hill, Spencer Miller, Lee Doran; David Ford, Dexter Miller, Richard Farrer and Carl Sice.
Doncaster: Stewart Sanderson, Paul Hughes, Mike Coady, Nev Morrison, Craig Robinson, Mike Emmett, Scott Spaven, Micheal Butterfield, Matt Carbutt, Adam Scott, Ryan Steen, Chris Spurr; Kyle Keswik,Liam Crawley, Kyle Samson and Carl Hughes.

Rochdale 49-18 Whitehaven

April 10 2011

Rochdale scorers:Saywell (2), Merville(2), McHugh (2) Ekius and English. Goals from McGovern.
Haven: Tries from Calvert, Smith and McAvoy.
Haven:Tyrone Dalton, Craig Benson, Isakka, Lewis Palfrey, Paul Cullnean, Loz Hamzat
Andrew Beattie, Craig Calvert, Chris Smith, Derry Eilbeck, Scott McAvoy, Spence Miller, Lee Doran; Dexter Miller, Howard Hill, Richard Farrer, Carl Sice.
Rochdale: Wayne McHugh,Liam McGovern,Matthew Strong, Dave Newton, Wayne English, Andrew Saywell, Dale Bloomfirld, Steven Roper, John Cookson, Dane Donoghue, Mark Hobson, Craig Ashall; Richard Mercille, Martin Keaveny,Danny Ekis and Chris Clough.


Down in London

Skolars 16 Haven 48
Tries by Doran, McAvoy,Calvert,Isakka,Sice, Benson, Wiper and Palfrey who also kicked 6 goals.

Skolars: Luke May, Jason Cook, Jason Hart, Cariern Clement, Neil Thorman, Dave Arnot, Oliver Purslow, Saqib Murtza, Dylan Skee, Jy Mel Coleman, Olu Iwenofu, Ade Adebisi,Gareth Honor, Austin Aggrey, Tony Williams, James Simon and Sam Gee.
Haven: Craig Benson, Loz Hamzat, Pul Cullknean, Mal Wiper, Lewis Palfrey, Isakka, Andrew Beattie, Chris Smith, Craig Calvert, Scott McAvoy, Tane Manihera, Sp[encer Miller, Lee Doran; Kurt Wilton, Howard Hill, Richard Farrer, Carl Sice.

Cougars silenced

Haven 24 v Keighley 10
Tries Calvert, Hamzat, Eilbeck and Ford, Keighly tries Belcher and Duffy

Loz Hamzat, Craig Benson, Isakka, Lewis Palfrey, Paul Cullnean, Andrew Beattie Craig Calvert, Chris Smith, Derry Eilbeck, Scott McAvoy, Tane Manihera, Spemcer Miller, Lee Doran; Kurt Wilton, David Ford, Howard HillCarl Sice.
Andrew Shickell, Ben Sagar, Dan Belcher, Danny Lawton, Luke Heliwell, James Haythornthwaite,James Hitchinson, Ollie Pursglove, Paul Drake, Scott Law, James Feather, Gavin Duffy, Will Cartledge; Jermaine Wray, Brendan Rawlins, Richard Jones, Chris Baines.

Welsh Dragon Beaten

Full Time.South Wales 18- Haven 22
Tries Rudd, Calvert,Sice,Ford
three goals from Palfrey
Haven; C.Benson, J.Rossi, D.Ford, L.Palfrey, Isakka,
A.Beattie, C.Calvert, C.Smith, D.Eilbeck, S.McAvoy,
C.Rudd, S.Miller, L.Doran;
P.Cullnean,K.Wilton,H.Hill, C.Sice.
South Wales:

Halifax romp away
Full Time..Haven 6 Halifax 60
Try from McAvoy plus Palfrey goal
Fax tries; White(2), Worrincy (2),Smith, Chandler (2) Black and Penkywicz(2) Goals Jones (10)

Haven:Hamzat, Wilton, Isakka, Palfrey, Cullnean, Ackerley, Barker, Calvert, Smith, Eilbeck, McAvoy, Rudd, Miller;Crellin, Hill, Fox and Sice.
Halifax:Smith, Worrincy,Patterson,Fieldhouse,Goddard, White,Black, Jones,Alzue, Gannon, Penkywicz, Clayton. Chandler;Cherryholme, Beswick,Watone and Bannister.

Craig Calvert and Scott McAvoy on form as Haven beat Rochdale

March 13 2011
Haven 30 (HT 18-0) Rochdale 22 Tries McAvoy,Smith and Calvert(2) Palfrey and Hill

French Visitors roll Haven

Haven 14 (2-16) Lezignan 27
Saturday March 5 2011

Whitehaven: Benson -Eilbeck - Miller - Mc Avoy - Calvert - Palfrey - Manihera - Ford - Smith -Isakka - Miller - Doran - Beattie. Sice - Culnean - Hill - Barker.
Tries: Barker, D Miller; Goals: Palfrey 3
Lezignan: Piquemal -Bringuier -Tribillac - Poggi - Albérola - Wynn - Leuluai - Munoz - Rovira - Quintilla - Negre - Lignères; Bousquet - Griffi - Mahfoudi - Cologni.
Tries: Puggi, Mullane 3, Quintilla; Goals: Wynn 3, plus 1 drop-goal

Floodlights Fail at Nuclear Powered Recre

Whitehaven were 2-0 up 15 minutes into their rescheduled match against last season’s Championship winners Halifax when the Recreation Ground was plunged into darkness. Spectators were left in the dark as to whether the match would resume until it was announced it was officially abandoned. The fault was traced to an electrical feed from outside the ground. It was found it would take anything between one hour and four hours to fix.
Whitehaven will replay the Northern Rail Cup tie against Halifax on March 16

Oldham Result

Oldham 4 - 14 Whitehaven
Tries from Danny Barker and Andrew Beattier. Palfrey kicked three goals.
Team sheet: Sunday February 27 2011
Ben Wood, Paul Noone, Luke Sutton, Marcus St Hilaire, Lucas Onyango, John Gillam, Mark Brocklehurst, Ben Heaton, Neil Rodem, Matt Ashe, Jason Boults, Martin Roden, Chris Clarke; Andy Isherwood, Valu Bentley, John Clough, Tom Wood Hulme.
David Ford, Caig Benson, Danny Barker, Lewis Palfrey, Isakka, Jay Rossi, Andrew Beattie, Craig Calvert, Chris Smith, Derry Eilbeck, Scott McAvoy, Tane Manihera, Spencer Miller; Paul Cullnean, Dexter Miller, Howard Hill, Carl Sice.

Away to Sheffield..as close as they come

Full Time Sheffield 16...Haven 16.tries from Sice and Miller

Squad: Danny Baker, Andrew Beattie, Paul Culnean, Andreas Bauer, Lewis Palfrey, Isakka, Craig Benson, Craig Calvert, Chris Smith, Derry Eilbeck, Scott McAvoy, Tane Manihera, Spencer Miller; David Ford, Dexter Miller, Howard Hill, Carl Sice,

Sheffield: Jamie Cottie, Tim Bergin, Danny Mills, Jamie Cording, Menzie Yere, Kyle Wood, Mitch Stringer, Liam Higgins, Jack Howieson, Andrew Henderson, Pater Green, Joe Hirst, Dane McDonald; Alex Rowe, Scxott Watson, Ryan Hepworth, Eddie Battye.

Derby Cup Match

Whitehaven 18-28 Workington

Tuesday, February 8 night (kick-off 7.30pm)

Ike Southward Derby

Town 20...Haven 12
Ryan Mac
Pic Mal Walker
January 3 2011
Whitehaven: Benson, Hamzat, Eilbeck, McAvoy, Cook, Palfrey, Rayson,
Cullnean, Sice, Ford, S Fox, D Miller, Beattie. Subs: C Smith, Dalton,
Farrer, R Fox, D Smith, Barker, Crellin.

Tries: Hamzat, Benson; Goals: Palfrey (2)

Workington Town: Carter, Miller, Mossop, Low, Frazer, Bainbridge, Kaighan,
Coward, Mattinson, McGoff, Whitehead, Stack, Olstrum. Subs: McDonald,
Shackley, McKenna, Robinson, McAvoy, Dawes.

Tries: Whitehead, Mattinson, Kaighan (2); Goals: Kaighan 2

Referee: Warren Turley

Status Report

Former Whitehaven chairman Barry Richardson has returned to the The Recre as general manager. The appointment follows news earlier this week that the newly-formed club had signed a £50,000 sponsorship deal with Nuclear Management Partners and that they had appointed Amanda Hewer as the club’s community development manager. Haven went into administration at the beginning of the month after being relegated from the Championship last season.

The then Haven chairman Dick Raaz formed a new club [Whitehaven 2010] and it will start with a nine-point deduction in Championship One next year with Raaz at the helm and Haven legend David Seeds as coach.
In November 2010 Rob Jackson departed from the Haven squad.
The derby game against Town in the Northern Rail Cup launches that competition on February 6 2011

RL Expands in the USA!

We were interested to see this item: Denver RLFC (Colorado) want players

"We are an expansion club for the American National Rugby League and we will begin playing in June 2011. Wolverine season runs June-July-August. Our division will be Denver-Salt Lake City-Phoenix-Las Vegas. We are a grassroots club being formed right now. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience. We plan to field two sides - an A-side for AMNRL competition and a B-side or "social" side just for those of us looking to have fun. If you are interested in being part of Denver's first and only rugby league club the Denver Wolverines or visit our website for more information. www.rugbyleaguedenver.com

The Big Fixture
Cumbria 18 England 18

Brocklebank touchdown captured on camera by Mal Walker

Cumbria v England in the Garry Purdham Memorial game there was huge crowd in Whitehaven on 3rd October, 2010. Gary was tragically shot down by crazed gunman Derrick Bird. Click here to go to the Garry Purdham Memorial site .

Taxman suspends claim
A new Whitehaven Rugby League Club was launched last night (October 1)after the threat of a winding up petition over a £64,000 tax bill was removed. The HM Revenue & Customs petition was suspended yesterday in a Manchester court and the old Whitehaven club, formed in 1948, went in to administration. This paved the way for a three-man consortium led by American businessman Dick Raaz to launch a new club, Whitehaven 2010, to play in Championship One next season. Jeremy Woodside and Ben Barrett of RSM Tenon were appointed as Haven’s joint administrators by the High Court, Manchester District Registry.

Whitehaven will start next season on minus-nine points as a penalty for going in to administration. However the RFL has accepted the new club 'Whitehaven 2010', into the fold. Red Hall’s decision has removed the last major obstacle to the club coming out of administration.

There is a proposal from a consortium headed by former chairman Dick Raaz to take over the club. The American businessman and fellow consortium member Michael Wood met Red Hall officials in Leeds last week to outline their plans. And an application to the RFL to have the new club accepted as a member has now been submitted. Haven need to be out of administration to host the Garry Purdham memorial game, when Cumbria face England, in front of an anticipated four-figure crowd on October 3. The only consolation for Haven has been the reserves emphatic 46-12 Grand Final win over Featherstone Rovers

Whitehaven Rugby League club went into administration to stave off a winding up order over a £64,000 tax bill. HM Revenue & Customs is demanding payment in full and the club, with debts of around £250,000, cannot afford to pay, the club’s AGM heard on Thursday, August 26. It looks likely Copeland Council may have to lose £125,000 over the debacle.

But shareholders were told of a potential rescue deal with chairman Dick Raaz and directors Ralph Calvin and Michael Wood preparing to form a consortium to bid for the club. Raaz claimed that the club could continue to operate in administration. Meanwhile Supporters started a campaign to offer their own bid option, but News and Star reported any such supporters’ trust will not bid to buy Whitehaven and is instead to throw its weight behind chairman’s Dick Raaz’s consortium.

Last Game of the Season
August 22 2010
Haven 26 Batley 12
Haven tries from McAvoy, Amor,Hamzat, Miller and Crellin. Dan Skee kicked three goals

Haven: D.Barker, L.Hamzat,A.Thornley,S.Ackerley, J.Rossi, D Miller, S.McAvoy, G.Mattinson, S Miller, S Fox, H.Hill,D. Skee, L.Joe; . Subs: C.Smith, K.Amor, B.Crellin, K.Wilton.

David Seeds takes charge

19 August 2010

The club’s all-time top try-scorer has taken charge in a caretaker capacity for the visit of Batley Bulldogs (Sunday August 22) after Haven parted company with Ged Stokes this week. And football director Ralph Calvin wants fans who deserted the terraces in droves as the club headed towards relegation to return to the fold.
A club statement said: "The board wish Ged well in his future endeavours and hope that he remembers the positive aspects of his time with Whitehaven. "The board feel that the future of Whitehaven RLFC and its success in Championship One will need the efforts of everyone involved with the club." It continued: "Whilst financial problems threaten the survival of the club, the board is making every effort to keep things afloat. However, the board cannot do this without the full support of all Haven fans, past and present and the community as a whole."

Keighley 28 (4 - 28) 29 Whitehaven
August 15 2010

Haven Tries: Hamzat, Skee, Miller, Ackerley, Miller ; Drop-goals: Barker; Goals:
Skee 4.
Keighley: Tries: Baines 2, Cartledge, Duffy, Hutchinson. Goals:
Jones 4

Seven Steps campaign helped by Haven

A new drive to help protect children from the effects of secondhand smoke launched in Cumbria on the 14th of August in Whitehaven. Busy Whitehaven Market, already a hub of activity really got busy when three hundred people dropped by as part of their cruise on 'The World', also known as a 'sailing country'. With giant musical steps, Take 7 Steps Out mascot StepaRoo and Pride the Lion entertaining the children, Smokefree North West were able to give parents some helpful information about how to make homes smokefree. While many people have already started to Take 7 Steps Out there are still many more smoking either in one room with the window open or by an open door. The roadshow campaign urges parents to Take 7 Steps Out of their homes to help protect their children from immediate and lifelong damage to their lives and health such as triggering asthma attacks, hearing impairments and cot death.

Smokefree North West thank the Whitehaven Rugby Club for their support.

Haven 10 Dewsbury Rams 48
August 8 2010

Rams romp past Haven Dewsbury celebrated their survival with an eight-try rout of relegated Whitehaven at the Recreation Ground. Keegan Hirst and Dominic Brambani both scores two tries in a 48-10 victory while Pat Walker kicked six goals. The defeat was a 13th successive for the the Cumbrians. Just over 500 witnessed Whitehaven’s latest reversal, although they did see a spirited effort by Haven for the most part.

Haven tries Skee and Mattinson. Skee kicked the goal.
Hurst (2), Brambani (2), Craven, Spicer Robinson and Buchanan for the visitors. Walker kicked 8 goals for Rams.
Squad: Haven Loz Hamzat, Tyrone Dalton, Amdrew Thornley, Marc Shackley, Jay Rosal, Dexter Miller, Derry Eilbeck, Scott McAvoy, Graeme Mattonson, Howard Hill, Spencer Miller, Dylan Skee, Leroy Joe; Danny Bower, Brad Crellin, Kurt Wilton and Steve Fox.

Fans Frustration at Recre
June 25 2010

Haven 0...Featherstone 48

Tries from Hardaker (2), Finn, Dickens, Smeaton(2), Briggs, Kain, Tonks, Hardman.

Loz Hamzat, Tyrone Dalton, Danny Backer, Craig Benson, Dexter Miller, Derry Eilbeck, Paul Johnson, Scott MCAvoy, Kyle Amor, Graeme Mattinson, Spencer Miller, Howard Hill, Dylan Skee; Kurt Wilton, Danny Bower, Andrew Thornley, Leroy Joe.
Rovers: Kyle Briggs, Sam Smeaton, Zak Hardaker, Jake Hardman, Dwaine Straugheir, John Grayson, Liam Welham, Antony Tonks, Stuart Dickens, Ben Kaye, Tim Spears, Matty Dale; Andy Kain, Jamie Field, Dane Manning, Ross Divorty.

Halifax 66 - 16 Whitehaven
July 11 2010
Tries for Haven by Rossi, Mattinson and Bower tries/Rudd two goals

Whitehaven:K.Wilton, J,Rossi,L.Hamzat,T.Dalton, D.Eilbeck,P.Johnson,S.McAvoy, R.Jackson,C.Rudd, K.Amor, G.Mattinson,H.Hill,L.Joe; D.Bower,A.Thornley,C.Smith, K.Bibb.

Halifax; S.Royston,D.Nash, R.Worrincy,A.Bowman, L.Branighan,R.Beswick,N.Cherryholme, L.Patterson,J.Goddard,G.Holroyd,D.Maloney,D.Wrench,D.Larder; S.Barlow,B.Black,F.Watene,S.Bannister

Widnes Vikings thrashed Haven 40-4
In front of Sky cameras on Thursday, July 1 2010.
Match report on Getnoticedonline Pic by Mal Walker
PIC: Mal Walker
Haven: Eilbeck, Hamzat, R Jackson, McAvoy, Calvert, Rudd, Joe, Amor, Mattinson, Johnson, Hill, D Miller, Barker. Subs (all used): Smith, Thornley, Bibb, Bower.

Widnes: Flynn, Gardner, Grady, Haggerty, Varkulis, Thackeray, Coyle, Heckenberg, Smith, Gannon, Doran, Allen, Gerard. Subs (all used): Kavanagh, Houghton, Netherton, Craven.

Attendance: 1,518

Referee: Rob Hicks


Toulouse 34 (12-12) Whitehaven 12:

Haven: Tony, Calvert, R Jackson, McAvoy, Eilbeck, Rudd, Skee, Johnson, Mattinson, Thornley, D Miller, Hill, Barker. Subs: Joe, Bibb, Amor, Wilton.

Tries: Calvert, Barker; Goals: Rudd 2/3

Toulouse: Bromley, Mendes Varela, Planas, Ormeno, Payan, Houlès, N Wynn, Griffi, Mitchell, T Wynn, Tisseyre, Maria, Anselme. Subs: Mencarini, Larroyer, Gigord, Pelo.

Tries: Bromley (2), N Wynn, Mitchell, Anselme, Pelo; Goals: N Wynn 5/7

Referee: Tim Roby

Attendance: 1,071

Sheffield Win

Sombre tributes as doves of peace released before the game in honour of Garry Purdham, victim of the Cumbrian killer.

Haven 14 (4-0) 24 Sheffield
Eilbeck try....try Peter Green ..tries.Yere (2) ..Calvert tries(2) ..Cook converted try.Lindsey try ..14-24
Teams for the Challenge Cup match (June 13 2010)
Haven: Andrew Thornley, Danny Barker, Dexter Miller, Josh Veivers, Motu Tony, Craig Calvert, Derry Eilbeck, Rob Jackson, Carl Rudd, Graeme Mattinson, Spence Miller, Kyle Bibb, Leroy Joe subs
Marc Jackson, Kurt Wilton, Carl Sice, Howard Hill.
Sheffield: C.Cook, T.Exton, M.Yere,T.Bergin, D.McDonald, T.Ropati, J.Mossop, R.Hepworth, M.Taulapapa, B.Lindsay, M.Brooks, M.Stringer, M.Burnett: G.Corcoran, P.Green, M.Haley and J.Hirst.

Barrow 30(6-0) 0 Whitehaven
June 8 2010
Haven: Veivers, Eilbeck, R Jackson, Tony, Calvert, Rudd, Skee, Amor, Mattinson, Thornley, S Miller, Hill, Joe. Subs: Ford, Barker, C Smith, Wilton.
Barrow: Broadbent, Ballard, Catic, Harrison, Bauer, Rooney, Campbell, McDermott, Roberts, Mossop, Knowles, Ostler, Luisi. Subs: Bracek, Young, Noone, Fletcher.

Tries: Ballard, McDermott, Rooney, Ostler, Bracek. Goals: Rooney 5.

Attendance: 1,920.

Referee: Rob Hicks.

New Signing
But Fans fear Relegation

Pic by Mal Walker

WHITEHAVEN have unveiled two new signings as they attempt to shore-up an injury-ravaged side.

A Samoan, who has represented New Zealand, was paraded at the Recreation Ground this afternoon while a young forward from St. Helens will join tonight’s training session. Motu Tony, 28, (pictured) is a New Zealand international full-back who can also play centre, wing or stand-off and who most recently has been playing rugby union in England for Hull RUFC.

Glimmer of Hope...Dashed by Disputed Try

Whitehaven 8( 8-6 ) Leigh 12

Haven players had their best performance of the season, and feel they have been denied a vital win by an official’s error. Haven were leading narrowly 8-6 when Kiwi star Robbie Paul scored a converted try for Leigh and home coach Ged Stokes claimed the visitors had 14 players on the field in the build-up to the score. “We lost the ball that led to a scrum that led to the winning try for Leigh – and they had 14 men on the field,” claimed Stokes. Former Whitehaven scrum-half John Duffy was the 14th man involved and the confusion arose because the fourth official was not notified correctly that he was joining the game. Duffy was involved in the tackle that prompted the scrum that led to Paul’s decisive score. Duffy was red-carded when match commissioner Jackie Beech managed to communicate with referee Craig Halloran and explain what had gone on. Stokes had been the one who alerted the match commissioner. Leigh coach Ian Millward saw it differently – “There is just no question that we cheated. It didn’t happen like that. It was quite bizarre but the player was coming off the field and not involved in the play.”
Haven went behind on six minutes. Martyn Ridyardscored the opening try which Mick Nanyn. Another former Haven favourite, converted.On 19 minutes Haven reduced he deficit. The impressive prop, loanee Paul Johnson swept onto Carl Rudd’s pass and surged through Stuart Donlan’s tackle to score. Rudd couldn’t convert. But Rudd did find his range to kick two penalties before half-time and sent the Cumbrians into the break 8-6 to the good. The only score of the second half was the controversial one on the hour when Paul went over and Nanyn added the conversion.After reviewing a DVD of the incident, in which John Duffy returned to the field a couple of seconds before the player he was replacing, Dave McConnell left the pitch, the RFL Match Review panel ruled no further action was required.Duffy was subsequently dismissed by referee Craig Halloran, following an intervention by the fourth official. The referee then allowed McConnell return to the pitch. The Match Review Panel ruled that sending-off was sufficient punishment for Duffy.

Haven: Veivers, Eilbeck, R. Jackson, Tony, Calvert, Rudd, Skee, Thornley, Mattinson, Johnson, S. Miller, Hill, Joe. Subs (all used) Smith, Amor, Shackley, Barker.
Referee: Craig Halloran

Crowd: 1,161

Batley Hammer Haven as Slide Continues

Coach Ged Stokes was quizzed for around 10 minutes by dejected fans after struggling Whitehaven were hammered 54-6 at Batley yesterday.(May16 2010) The coach took time to speak to around 40 travelling fans gathered behind the sticks at one end of Mount Pleasant. They had seen their under-strength team ripped apart by the rampant Bulldogs and wanted to know why Haven had slumped so dramatically this term.

May 9 2010
Whitehaven 12 Keighley 22
Tries...Veivers, Wilton, Goals: Rudd (2)..gate just 900

Whitehaven:Josh Veivers, Derry Eilbeck, Craig Calvert, Rob Jackson, Carl Rudd, Leroy Joe, Spencer Miller, Graeme Mattinson, Kyle Amor, Danny Barker, Tom Phillip ,Kurt Wilton, Andrew Thornley, Reece Fox, Howard Hill, Carl Sice, Marc Jackson.

Whitehaven sees the departure of general manager Nigel Beaty.

Beaty left Whitehaven at the end of April 2010 as a cost cutting measure, while Whitehaven have also agreed to release two players – Gary McDonald and Mick Govin. The official club statement, issued by chairman Dick Raaz, said: “The board of directors are sad to announce that general manager, Nigel Beaty will be leaving the club. Nigel’s last day will be Friday, 30th April 2010. “The financial situation at the club is no secret. The directors and staff have worked tirelessly to maximise income opportunities; develop the team and facilities, improve the overall sporting experience at the Recreation Ground and service the legacy debts. “Unfortunately our appalling start to the season and early exit from both the Northern Rail Cup and the Challenge Trophy has severely impacted our cash flow and we must “cut our cloth” accordingly.

Onwards and Downwards?

Blackpool 64 Haven 24
Alex Rowe scored a hat-trick as Sheffield leapfrogged Whitehaven with a 64-24 thrashing of the Cumbrian side at Bramall Lane.
Tangi Ropati added 16 points with two tries and four goals and Craig Cook also crossed twice. There were further tries for Menzie Yere, Alex Szostak, Matty Brooks, Aaron Groom and Ashley Thackeray. Craig Calvert scored two of Whitehaven's four in reply.

Haven tries by Marc Jackson, Craig Calvert (2) and Rob Jackson . Rudd kicking four goals.
Eagfles tries Yere, Szostak, Brooks, Roe (3) Ropati (2) Groom , Cook (2)Thackeray.
Goal kickers Ropati and Lindsay.

Haven squad:A.Thackery, D.Barker,M.Derby,J.Veivers, D.Eilbeck, C.Calvert, R.Jackson, C.Rudd, K.Amor, D.Skee, S.Miller, Leroy Joe, G.Mattinson; C.Smith, M.Jakcson, H.Hill, R.Fox.

Wasted trip to the Seaside..while Stevo and Barrow celebrate

Blackpool 24- Haven 18
Challenge Cup 18 April 2010
Tries from Rudd, Dex Miller and Tom Phillip. Rudd kicked three goalds.
Squad: C.Benson, T.Phillip, D.Miller, D.Barker, S.Dawes, C.Calvert, R.Jackson, C.Rudd, M.Jackson, K.Amor, H.Hill, L.Joe, G.Mattinson; M.Darby, S.Miller, A. Thornley,C.Sice.
Blackpool: J.Leather, D.Llewelyn, C.Forber, N.Holland, A.Hodson, D.Halliwell, K.Haggerty, D.Munroe, J. Clough, M.Ainscough, P.Ballard,M.McCully, T.Hemingway;M.Keavney, K. Ratcliffe, P.Anderson,P.Alcock.
In contrast....some can celebrate....Barrow Raiders savours 'magic' upset
Barrow Raiders head coach Steve McCormack hailed his players after their incredible 34-28 victory against Castleford Tigers at the Jungle, admitting the upset has put a bit of magic back in the Carnegie Challenge Cup.

The reigning champions of the Co-operative Championship fought back from 28-12 down to become the first lower-league club to beat a Super League side in the Cup since 2006, and only the third in the Super League era to do so away from home, setting up a home fifth-round tie with Co-operative Championship One side Hunslet Hawks.

"Of course it puts a bit of magic back in the cup," said McCormack after the game. "We definitely thought, without being over-confident, that we could come here and win." He added: "I think a lot of times you come to a Super League club just expecting a nice day out, but we expected ourselves to do well. "Sometimes you don't put any pressure on teams, but I put quite a lot of pressure on the players to come here and win this week, and they've done that. "The Challenge Cup is the best cup competition in the world and I think shocks very rarely happen now with the difference in salary caps and money spent, so we're very proud that we've achieved something which doesn't normally happen."

An Away Win at Last!

Dewsbury 12 - 20 Haven
Tries Thornely, Rudd and Mattinson. Rudd goals (4)
Haven:Vievers, D.Eilbeck,Calvert, R.Jackson, Stefan Marsh, Carl Rudd, Marc Jackson, Kyle Amor, Dyland Skee, Spence Miller, Reece Fox, Leroy Joe, Graeme Mattinson; Danny Barker, Marc Shakley, Andrew Thornley, Carl Sice.

Dewsbury;A.Faals, S.Turner, S.Sanderson, T.Wandless, A. England, M.Emmett, K. Hurst, J. James Lockwood, P. Walker, Lingard, B. Powell, A. Bostock, D.Brambani;L. Stenchiuon, A. Robinson, A.Moody, L. Blake

Easter Monday

Widnes 48 Whitehaven 18
Whitehaven’s dire start to the season continued as Widnes ran in nine tries to condemn the Cumbrians to a third consecutive heavy league defeat on the road.
Haven: Mort, Eilbeck, R Jackson, S Fox, Calvert, Govin, McNally, Farrer, Sice, Amor, R Fox, Gorski, Mattinson. Subs: Thornley, Joe, Shackley, Dawes. Tries: Joe, Mort, Dawes; Goals: McNally 2, Govin 1

Vikings: Ford, Flynn, Kohe Love, Grady, Gardner, Gerrard, Thackeray, Davies, Smith, Gannon, Varkulis, Strong, Doran. Subs: Kavanagh, Yates, Hulme, Thompson

Tries: Thackeray, Ford, Doran, Gerrard, Kohe Love, Gardner, Hulme, Grady, Flynn; Goals: Grady 6

Attendance: 3,033

Referee: Jamie Leahy

Pelican Blues even with Gregg on Start Sheet
Featherstone 54-18 Haven
Haven tries: Reece Fox, Derry Eilbeck, Carl Sice. Rudd kicked 3 goals.
For Feathers: tries from Dickens, Parker(3), Welham (2), Briggs (3) Finn, Goals from Briggs (7)
Haven squad:Ian Mott, Stephen Davies, Scott McAvoy, Derry Eilbeck, Gregg McNally, Graeme Mattinson, Reece Fox, Steven Fox, Rob Jackson, Carl Rudd, Leroy Joe, Howard Hill, Andrew Thornley; Carl Sice, Ryan McDonald, Andy Gorski, Mick Govin.
Gate 1,550

Haven 34-Toulouse 20
Tries from Carl Sice (2), D.Skee, C.Rudd, R.Fox and I.Mort. Rudd kicked 5 goals. French tries from R.Bromley, A.Maria, B.Ormerno and S. Planas.N.Wynn was their kicker.
Teamsheet: Mort, Dawes,D Miller,Calvert,Mattinson,Amor
Rob Jackson,Carl Rudd,Dylan Skee,Spencer Miller,Howard Hill,Marc Jackson,Mick Govin

On the bench (but why is Sice always kept waiting?):Carl Sice,Reece Fox,Richard Farrar.Andrew Thornley

Attendance 1,181.

Leigh 44...Haven 12

Town 22 (6-4) 14 Haven Tries from Mattinson and Calvert

Widnes 36 Swinton 12
Workington 22 Whitehaven 14
Just two games survived the weather on the fourth weekend of the Northern Rail Cup. Holders Widnes completed the group stage unbeaten with a routine 36-12 win over Swinton in wintry conditions at Park Lane.

The Vikings fell behind to an early try but hit back through Matt Gardner and Shane Grady. The Lions, to their credit, made a game of it in the first half, but a moment of opportunism by winger Shaun Ainscough near half time gave Widnes the breathing space they needed.

Paul Cullen's side put in a professional performance in blizzard-like conditions in the second half to keep out their Championship 1 opponents, while adding 16 more points themselves, the pick of the bunch a well taken Mark Smith try after a powerful break by prop Gareth Haggerty.

Whitehaven ended a disappointing Northern Rail Cup campaign with a surprise defeat at local rivals Workington. Town led 4-0 after a tight first half, through two penalties, but a Graeme Mattinson score put Whitehaven in front at the break. But in a topsy turvy second half, Workington came out on top in a miserable return to Derwent Park for Haven's former Town boss Ged Stokes. After the game, Stokes played down his disappointment, saying: "I thought that the defensive effort of our forward pack was outstanding."

The postponed games today mean that the qualifiers for the quarter finals remain uncertain, with only Widnes confirmed in the final eight so far.

Whitehaven 54 Doncaster 10
Valentines Day 2010

Tries: Derry Eilbeck(3), Spence Miller (2), Reece Fox, Craig Benson, Richard Farrer, Craig Calvert, Kyle Amor.
Goals Dylan Skee(6) Marc Jackson.
For Doncaster: Grant Edwards and Scott Wilson with a conversion by Craig Fawcett.
Gate was 800

Haven 26- Batley 34
Evening fixture February 10 2010
Haven try scorers; Dylan Skee, Andrew Thornley, Rob Jackson (2) and Derry Eilbeck. Rudd kicked 3 goals. Tries for the visitors from Campbell, (2), Handforth (2) and Moore. Moore kicking 7 goals. Gate of 880.
Reported that Leroy Joe suffered ankle break in the game.

Keighley 17-Haven 16
Tries for Haven: Mattinson, Calvert and Spence Miller. Rudd kicked 2 goals.
For Keighley tries by Haythornthwaite, Belcher and Danny Jones kicked
three goals and a drop goal.

Leeds get Second Half Traction
Whitehaven 22-30 Leeds

Haven dominated the first half, but an error allowed our visitors to grab the momentum in the second half. Two tries from Michael Coady and a fine display from Paul McShane saw the Rhinos fight back . Man of the Match was Marc Jackson. The gate of 2,250 a big help to the coffers and fans were delighted with the Saturday night meet the Rhino first team stars. Haven tries from Rudd, Rob Jackson (2) and Craig Calvert. Rudd kicked the conversions. Craig Benson had an excellent game.
The night before over 200 guests joined the team and coaching staff along with Whitehaven coach Ged Stokes at the dinner with an auction and raffle raising funds to help Whitehaven with their plans for the new season and they long term dream of earning a place in Super League.
Leeds Rhinos skipper Kevin Sinfield said he and his team mates were made to feel like superstars on their visit to Whitehaven.
1. Craig Benson
2. Derry Eilbeck
3. Robb Jackson
4. John Patrick
5. Craig Calvert
6. Carl Rudd
7. Mick Govan
8. Matt Jackson
9. Leroy Joe
10. David Ford
11. Spencer Miller
12. Howard Hill
13. Andy Thornley
14. Dylan Skee
15. Reece Fox
19. Dexter Miller
21. Chris Smith
22. Richard Farrar
24. Ryan McDonald
Carl Sice
Matt Tunstall

Pic:Leeds Rhinos.Pitts, Amor and Coady.
Leeds Rhinos Lineup
1. Tom Bush
2. Jamel Chisholm
3. Michael Coady
4. Kallum Watkins
5. James Cruickshanks
6. Jack Carvell
7. Tom Carroll
8. Luke Burgess
9. Paul McShane
10. Kyle Amor
11. Ian Kirke
12. Jay Pitts
13. Chris Clarkson
14. Luke Ambler
16. Liam Hood
17. Danny Bravo
18. Jared Stewart
19. Brad Singleton

Referee: Ian Smith


Howard Hill Testimonial shows
Future rising stars at Haven

Pic Mal Walker
Haven youngsters beat Oldham first team squad. 40-20 win over visiting Oldham, Weds January 20. With Howard as skipper the line up included Mark Watson, Stephen Fox (seen above) Danny Bower and Jay Rossi. Full report

The guys we could always rely on to get the job done!
Pic Mal Walker Tel 07739379831

Launch Night
Thur 28th January 2010

The 2010 launch night will be held at the newly refurbished JJ McKeown bar on Thursday 28th January 7pm start. The players and head coach Ged Stokes will be on hand to give their thoughts on the season ahead. Chairman Dick Raaz and the directors will update you on the clubs progress off the field. Player sponsorship - The evening will include the auction of player sponsorships for 2010.

Whitehaven 22, Huddersfield Giants 24

Town beaten again in Derby game
Workington Town 6, Whitehaven 60

Sice on form
Pic Mal Walker Tel 07739379831
WHITEHAVEN easily retained the Ike Southward Memorial Trophy as the two Cumbrian rivals opened their pre-season campaign at Derwent Park on Dec27 2009.
It was the fourth time the trophy has been contested since the death of the former Workington and Great Britain star who ended his dazzling career with Whitehaven...Read on....

Town: Lebbon, Carter, Low, J. Finch, Backhouse, L. Finch, Kaighan, Dutton, King, Whitehead, Wilson, McKenna, Beattie. Subs (all used): Robinson, Pedley, Bragg, Hewitt, Burgess, Kaufman, Marshall, Frazer Whitehaven: Benson, Eilbeck, R. Jackson, Patrick, Calvert, Rudd, Govin, M. Jackson, Mattinson, McDonald, Thornley, Hill, Joe. Subs (all used): Smith, Skee, Radonavich, S. Fox, Sice, R. Fox, Miller, Ford, Tunstall, Farrer.

Referee: Gareth Hewer

Attendance: 1,333

2010 Squad

Squad numbers: 1 Craig Benson, 2 Craig Calvert, 3 Rob Jackson, 4 Scott McAvoy, 5 Derry Eilbeck, 6 Carl Rudd, 7 Leroy Joe, 8 Marc Jackson, 9 Graeme Mattinson, 10 David Ford, 11 Howard Hill, 12 Spencer Miller, 13 Mick Govin, 14 Dylan Skee, 15 Reece Fox, 16 Andy Gorski, 17 Andy Thornley, 18 John Patrick, 19 Dexter Miller, 20 Soni Radovanovic, 21 Chris Smith, 22 Richard Farrer, 23 Stephen Fox, 24 Ryan MacDonald.


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