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Haven 42 (26-12) 18 Doncaster
August 1 2004

 Seeds touchdown

 Man of the Match Mick Nanyn was everywhere and thanks to excellent feeds from a 'back on form' Leroy Joe he soon had the Dragons struggling to hold their line.
The visitors tried a physical intimidation aproach with a series of high tackles, one flooring Nanyn out cold briefly. But Haven would not allow the frighteners to be applied. Doncaster were barely a threat in the second half so ended up using unecessary violence that merely generated extra penalties for Haven and saw one of their heavyweights red carded. Lester was inspirational in the important opening stages of both halves. Sam Obst continues to be brilliant Sparkie that leaves defences looking like they have concrete boots. Speed king Calvert also treated us to a Kells End touch-down. Over 1,800 fans saw this truly quality show.

A sunny victory made all the sweeter by the bizarre Leigh result of Nil Points...

 Sam ran the length of the Recre for this try...luckily the officials failed to spot the knock-on!

Teams: Haven; Broadbent, Calvert, Seeds, Nanyn, Wes Wilson, Joe, Obst, Fatialofa, Lester, McKinney, Hill, Miller, Walsh, Sice, Kiddie, Jackson, G.Purdham, Vaughan.
Spence Miller

Doncaster; Horne, Colton, Muff, Soloman, Billy, Holdroyd, Hough, Handforth, Cook, Fisher, Ostler, Green, Moana, Lloyd, Walker, Woodcock, leaf.

Ref M.Dawber.

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