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Saved from Farce
Haven 20(10-6)17 Oldham

Pic Mike McKenzie
Awash with talent Haven came within a whisker of ridiculously throwing the game away. But even as despondent fans left Rob Jackson proved the fittest man on the pitch as he ran the length of the Recre to give Haven a desperately needed win.


Incoming Spence

For much of the game Haven were the stronger side, but their play often failed to gel and although he got Man of the Match and the opening try, Warren Stevens was among those making errors. Steve Kirkbride converted this first, but he failed to convert Spence Miller's second try.
In the second period Leroy Joe saved one crucial defence break by Oldham, but soon after Leigh Smith did not have the legs to complete a break through. Haven should have hammered home their domination of much of the play. But the game hung in the balance until Lester furiously burrowed his way across the line and it seemed as Haven would atrt to get their ryhthm. But it was soon thrown to the winds as former Saints man Joey Jones nipped in on the right wing. Then the normally reliable Howard Hill let the Oldham left winger through to leave it a grim 16-16. Soon after Oldham got a blazingly obvious drop goal and all seemed lost. But then the Kells End had their final joy as Rob Jackson out ran the entire Oldham pack.

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