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Ever Upwards
Haven13 (4-12) 12 Leigh
IT was a more exciting than the World Cup. Haven and Leigh were both determined to win and Haven had to dig deep, especially in defence to sucessfully hold the line.
The two Jackson's proved vital. New arrival Rob for the try that levelled the scores in the second half battle and our own Marc for the killer dop goal that gave us victory.
Man of the Match was well earned by Warren Stevens, but many deserved equal praise, starting with the ever active and alert Leroy Joe. Morton also enjoyed an excellent game as did powerhouse Lupton. Also welcome back to the unstoppable Howard Hill. If only the ball had got out to him more the scoreline would have been a more relaxing one for Haven. Lester was only firing on three cylinders in the first half, but got back onto full speed in the crucial second half. But all in all Haven were as good as Brazil when and where it matters. Only first half score for Haven was a try from Steve Kirkbride.

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