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Winning becomes habit forming

By the Marra
Date: 27/5/2001

The players gave their all to ensure victory, but it was a frustrating plod that saw Lester show both his leadership and playmaking...and also his fiery temper...The fans were pathetic (I mean all those who failed to turn out after Cullen had landed two new SL signing)

Barrow left Empty Handed
Haven dominated, but Barrow never stopped their set piece defences. It was Ian Devlin who broke the ice in the first half, with a conversion from the ever dependable Kirkbride.
Jacko got a touchdown which was disallowed for some bizarre reason leaving the half-time line a lacklustre 6-0.
Aaron Lester breaks the second half hold-ups with this break through try
The floodgates should have opened in second spell, but it was a struggle all the way with Haven held repeatedly just a yard out. It took charismatic Lester to once again lead from the front.
Kirkbride then converted to make 12-0. There were a few scares as Barrow showed they would not lie down, one attempt showing Roach was worth welcoming aboard. Roach proved his worth when Barrow had made a break and he shot like a bat out of hell and cleanly took out his man when the Haven fans were groaning at what looked an inevitable try for the visitors.
Soon after Paul O'Neill popped it in on the wing and later David seeds grabbed Haven's fourth try.

Lee Kiddie was hospitalised by a serious ankle injury and Ian Devlin also limped off with a knee injury in the game. Sponsors were the Whitehaven Supporters Club. Their Man of the Match was Rob Purdham

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