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Vikings narrow win

By the Marra
Date: 6/5/2001

Haven 14 (8-4) 16 Widnes
HAVEN had Widnes by the scruff of the neck at half-time, but with a little help from the ref. the Vikings came back and tragically robbed us in the last ten minutes. Leroy Joe and Aaron Lester at times were carrying the team on their shoulders.Half time  against Vikings 2001

It seemed ominous when Widnes scored first in the first five minutes. But then Haven played a brilliant game in both defence and attack. Thanks to an opener from Lester the spirit and run of play went to Haven right up to half way. Mark Wallace capped it with a second. Tragically Howard Hill had to be carried off with a torn ligament the pace of the game was so fast in the brilliant spring sunshine.
Both Haven conversions were missed, as was Kirkbride's kicking talent at this stage in the game.
After the turn round Widnes scraped in a penalty. Soon after Seeds showed faults, perhaps as result of earlier knock, and eventually Widnes slipped through for a try. Hero of the terraces for a spell then was Spence Miller who wove a way through at the Kells end after things had hung in the balance for an eternity.
Haven then looked the winners, but an obvious chip through under the sticks meant Widnes had an easy conversion and ther narrowest of wins.
Every Haven player (But especially Leroy Joe and Aran Lester) was determined to win and the loss was cruel end to a winning run. The game was marred by numerous dangerous high tackles that should have been better policed..


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