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Oldham blown away

By the Marra
Date: 14/3/2001

Town watch out someone is snapping at your heels in the NFP league! Gone are the days when away games caused hearts to sink. The Haven defences can hold the toughest opponents and stop them having any sniff of the goal line.

That will do Nicely!
No more Past the Pelican Blues. At home and away we are on a roll.
Oldham 8 - Haven 19
That man Jackson was on top form, kicking penalties and drops to order. The defences just get firmer and firmer. The tackling rate was solid throughout, barely any slip ups.
So set back were the Oldham club that player coach Mike Ford has decided to re-examine his career!
Haven's Leroy Joe played a key role in many of the breakthroughs, including the opener that saw full-back O'Neill slip one on the wing in opening five minutes. The lead slipped just after the turn round to a heart stopping 8-8, but Haven simply moved up a gear in the second half with tries from Howard Hill and Seedsy.
Haven fielded from: O'Neill, Wignall, Seeds, Hill, C.Campbell, R.Purdham, Joe, Vaughan, Jackson, Fatialofa, Miller, Sherwen, G.Purdham, Devlin, Smith, Cox.


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