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Castleford Gate of 7,000?
Sunday June 5
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Castleford assumed pole position in National League One after winning their
top-of-the-table clash 42-24 at home to Whitehaven - the Cumbrians' first
defeat of their campaign. Waine Pryce and Jon Hepworth scored two tries apiece as the Tigers made it seven successive victories.

Whitehaven leaked seven first-half tries, including three while substitute
forward Paul Davidson was in the sin bin for a series of high tackles. Steve Crouch, Michael Platt, Deon Bird and Tommy Haughey also crossed for
Castleford while Wes Wilson, David Fatialofa, Carl Sice and Aaron Lester
replied for the outclassed Cumbrians.
5 min - Try, Waine Pryce, (Castleford)
7 min - Try, Wesley Wilson, (Whitehaven)
7 min - Goal, Mick Nanyn, (Whitehaven)
17 min - Try, Steve Crouch, (Castleford)
17 min - Goal, Paul Handforth, (Castleford)
19 min - Try, Waine Pryce, (Castleford)
22 min - Try, Michael Platt, (Castleford)
30 min - Try, Jon Hepworth, (Castleford)
30 min - Goal, Richard Fletcher, (Castleford)
32 min - Goal, Richard Fletcher, (Castleford)
32 min - Try, Jon Hepworth, (Castleford)
36 min - Goal, Mick Nanyn, (Whitehaven)
36 min - Try, David Fatialofa, (Whitehaven)
38 min - Goal, Craig Huby, (Castleford)
38 min - Try, Deon Bird, (Castleford)
49 min - Goal, Craig Huby, (Castleford)
49 min - Try, Tommy Haughey, (Castleford)
52 min - Try, Carl Sice, (Whitehaven)
52 min - Goal, Mick Nanyn, (Whitehaven)
75 min - Try, Aaron Lester (Whitehaven)
75 min - Goal, Mick Nanyn, (Whitehaven)

Castleford: Michael Platt, Waine Pryce, Deon Bird, Jon Hepworth, Michael
Shenton, Paul Handforth, Brad Davis, Adam Watene (Frank Watene, 25), Andrew Henderson, Richard Fletcher (Aaron Smith, 30), Tommy Haughey, Steve Crouch, Aaron Smith (Craig Huby, 35)
Subs: Craig Huby, Byron Smith, Andy Bailey, Frank Watene

Whitehaven: Gary Broadbent, Craig Calvert, Wesley Wilson (Steve Kirkbride,
40), Mick Nanyn, John Lebbon, Leroy Joe, Joel Penny, Mark Cox, Aaron Lester, David Fatialofa (Graeme Morton, 35), Brett McDermott, Howard Hill (Paul Davidson, 17), Carl Rudd Subs: Steve Kirkbride, Paul Davidson, Carl Sice, Graeme Morton

Referee: P Bentham
Attendance: 7321

Cup Quarter Final

Gary Broadbent

Whitehaven RL progressed through to the semi finals of the Northern rail cup defeating Rochdale 28-22 . The Hornets were much tougher opponents than expected and pushed a below par Haven right to the final hooter . In the final analysis both teams scored four trys and Haven ahd to thank goal kicker Mick Nanyn whose 6 successful goal kicks saw Haven to a narrow but deserved win .(Apologies for slow match report-gremlins in the works!)

21 min - Goal, Mick Nanyn, (Whitehaven)
23 min - Goal, Mark McCully, (Rochdale)
26 min - Try, Leroy Joe, (Whitehaven)
26 min - Goal, Mick Nanyn, (Whitehaven)
30 min - Try, Craig Calvert, (Whitehaven)
38 min - Goal, Mick Nanyn, (Whitehaven)
40 min - Goal, Mick Nanyn, (Whitehaven)
44 min - Goal, Mick Nanyn, (Whitehaven)
44 min - Try, Gary Broadbent, (Whitehaven)
51 min - Goal, Mark McCully, (Rochdale)
51 min - Try, Philip Cantillon, (Rochdale)
54 min - Goal, Mick Nanyn, (Whitehaven)
64 min - Try, John Braddish, (Rochdale)
64 min - Goal, Mark McCully, (Rochdale)
70 min - Try, David Alstead, (Rochdale)
73 min - Try, Aaron Lester, (Whitehaven)
79 min - Try, David Alstead, (Rochdale)
Whitehaven: Gary Broadbent, Craig Calvert, Wesley Wilson, Howard Hill, Paul O'Neill, Leroy Joe, Joel Penny, Aaron Summers (Paul Davidson, 18), Aaron Lester, David Fatialofa (Graeme Morton, 49), Brett McDermott, Spencer Miller (Carl Sice, 59), Mick Nanyn
Subs: Steve Kirkbride, Paul Davidson, Carl Sice, Graeme Mort
Referee: C Morris
Attendance: 1748
Man of the Match - Whitehavens Gary Broadbent

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